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Would a novel work without a good cover? If the domain name does not give out the message about the website, the user won't feel like checking out the site. It is actually easy to find a good domain name. Do you know where you can get a fantastic domain name easily without too much effort?

If your domain name is innovative but not search engine optimised with keywords, the search engines will not be able to index it. Never compromise the power of keywords in exchange for an attractive name. This article will show you how to do that.

You will have to start by searching a keyword that is good for the search engines and also can be a part of your domain name. To find this, you can use a keyword analyser. You will able to find such tools by searching on popular Internet engines. When you are on it, put in a sample keyword that you think best tells what your site is about.

The analyser tool will display several options for this sample keyword. Choose those keywords from this list that describe more about what your website is about. If you are looking for a search engine optimised domain name you have to use specific keywords that have low competition.

Now, you can begin thinking about your real domain name. A lot of the domain name companies on the Internet will let you know if a particular name is available. You will get other suggestions for the domain name if your chosen one is not available.

Domain Names

>> The Right Domain Name

Put in your keyword first – this way you can better use this tool. In case the keyword itself is not available as the domain name, you will get some suggestions at least. com ending is good for consideration. In case this is not present, think creatively.

By putting in filler words in the domain name, you may be able to find an available option that still keeps your keyword. Most people use 'a', 'an' and 'the' for such filtering purposes in their domain names.

Since search engines will oversee such words, your domain name remains catchy and gets indexed too. Another use is to use numbers at the end of the phrase, they could be anything like 101, for example.

If you get everything but the .com, this is what you must do. If your keyword is extremely popular, another extension can be considered. Other workable solutions are .biz, .net and .org. .net.

One more tactic is to use country or state specific extensions. For example, it is better to be number 1 on the Austrian Google than number 400 or worse on American Google!

With little effort, you can find a domain name that will be good for the user as well as for the search engine. Only 10% of the success of your domain name depends on your intelligence. If there is no solution to getting the domain name of your choice, change the keyword.