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The many benefits of a Dedicated server can best be represented by the following analogy: Suppose you wanted a car and, as you didn't have the money to buy one for your own, you choose to go in with four friends and and then everyone who bought it would own a small piece of the automobile.

What this means is that even though it is cheaper for everyone, they will need to share the automobile among themselves so an agenda would have to be carefully arranged and each person will know exactly when they could use the automobile.

Let us now suppose, suddenly, you got a job where you required the car a lot more regularly but you could only have the car on certain days at certain times but the job you had been offered just would not wait.

Unfortunately the automobile is your friends car as yours, so they can also make use of it.. You end up losing the job chance because you cannot use the car all of the time.

The depiction illustrated above to the difference between a business using a dedicated server and a common server. A dedicated server, just as the name implies, is committed to servicing only your business.

This of course means you do have need to share storage space and the restriction on the amount of data that can be transferred with other online business web sites.

While a tiny Internet business or individual website can do well with a common server, a big or growing Internet business would locate a shared server just as much of a disaster as the car analogy illustrated earlier in this article.

Website Servers

>> Advantages of a Dedicated Server

Regrettably you can only use a particular measure of bandwidth in a server so it can only allow a certain amount of visitors through at any given time.

The amount of information that can be transferred, or bandwidth can be equated to a toll road which permits a particular volume of traffic through at any given time.

Most of the time this works just fine, unless everybody resolves to leave work at the same time and drive on the road. This is a recipe for disaster as people wait for hours to gain access to toll road.

While some individuals may wait for hours to go through the toll booth if you have to leave town and have no other way to do so, your clients will not wait to gain access to your site if you do not have adequate bandwidth. There is a good chance that if they attempt to get onto your site and are unable access it, they will leave, never to return again.

When you work hard trying to pull in visitors to your site, it is a pity to throw that hard work out the window by by having an insufficient bandwidth to accommodate all of your customers. This is the advantage of having a Dedicated server because they no longer have to share storage space or bandwidth with other as it is entirely dedicated only to your Internet business, permitting data to flow without a problem.

Even though it costs more in monthly fees than a shared server, it will probably save you you money if you are losing customers due to the fact that the cannot get access to your web site.