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Maintaining and Marketing your web site on a regular basis is essential.  After all, you service your car don’t you!

In some respects this is one of the biggest growth areas, using the web not just to promote your companies services or goods but using it to distribute marketing material to people who might not necessarily come into contact with you.

By creating e-brochures which can be downloaded in a portable document file format (‘pdf’), a prospective customer can see a professional product or service catalogue without any of the normal delays, anywhere in the world.

This type of marketing can be just as easily carried out via an email campaign.  This is especially helpful when sending out up to date brochures etc. to a large number of customers or prospects!

All this without the associated printing / delivery costs,  no wasted or unused company literature. And, this is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as changing your marketing material this way takes a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Mobile Websites or Smartphone Users are now being developed.  If you’re a smartphone user then you will have probably already used mobile versions of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many others.

Designed purely for mobile phone use, these websites load faster and are designed for smaller screens so are asy to navigate.  Mobile applications of Google will actively seek out these websites first.