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You need to pay attention to ensure every minute detail in your website design is observed to ensure peak performance of your site.  It is a common mistake among many amateurs webmaster to include too many visual elements in order to entertain the website visitors.  

The following are good website design pointers you should consider whenever you create a site.

1) Don't use splash pages.

The splash pages are the fancy pages you see when you enter a website.  They are dazzling pages that have images with words such as 'welcome' or 'click here to enter'.  

These pages act as a good to lure visitors attention away from the real mission of your website. This fanciful addition only serves to confuse the visitor who will likely leave your website immediately if loading time takes too long.

2) Be careful when adding banners

Although these can be at the foot of a web page, adverts like this are primarily placed right at the top of the page in what is called the 'header'.  Even the least net savvy people have trained themselves to ignore banner advertisements so you will be wasting valuable space.  

The best way to utilize web space would be to use good contents and weave your affiliate links into them so that the users would not feel coerced into buying.

Website Design

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3) Try to make it as easy as possible to navigate

Navigation should be made very simple so that even a young child can understand.  It is good to leave out any fancy flash menus or even multi-tiered drop down menus, they only serve to make navigating the site harder.  

If your visitors don't know how to navigate, they will leave your site.  The creation of a site map that will help visitors find what they need should be one of the first things you consider as part of your website design.

4) Make it clear where the user is at every moment

You will want to help your users feel in control by giving them a clear view of where they are at your website.  This way, they can head to the right information they are looking for.  

Make sure that every page has its own title and that some form of breadcrumb trail is used to track the visitors step throughout the entire website.  Any type of confusion drives your visitors away.

5) Use less audio

If you wish for your visitors to stay long enough to read the contents, do not loop your music file in a way that irritates.  One can get irritated by continuous sounds being played over and over again.  

Adding audios may seem cool but provide some form of user control such as muting ability or volume control so that your visitors can adjust accordingly.  If you wish for the visitors to return to your site, learn to apply all these website design rules and you can reap the benefits of long term traffic.

Well Designed, Successful Web Sites Don't Just Happen! They Require...  Good Planning - Strategic Marketing - Quality, Relevant Content - Regular Maintenance

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